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Don't be fooled by "Bargain Online Amish Stores" they don't exist!

Don't see what you are looking for? Never fear! We don't put everything online because we don't want to mislead our customers. Some online stores claim to be "bargain" stores, or let you shop, but in the end don't give you a price anyway. At Amish Market, each piece is hand crafted by a true Amish furniture craftsman and he has mastered one skill and apprenticed his entire life as it has been passed down generation to generation.


Over the years, our family has built stong relationships with the Amish families we do business with, we know the fathers, sons and in some cases grandfathers and even a couple of grandchildren, readying themselves to one day learn their trade. This furniture building process cannot be rushed, there is no such thing as "overnight". But that is why the furniture is so perfect, so beautiful, and so intriguing to us.


Most furniture takes (on average) 8-14 weeks to build start to finish. In most cases, there are no nails, just genuine, dove tailed hand crafted antiques in the making. So if someone sells you an "Amish" piece that doesn't take this long, or has a flaw, or MDF, plywood, isn't signed by a craftsman, or you get it cheap, it just isn't a true Amish piece.


We have been in business for over 13 years, and have our 2nd generation learning the business now. We pride ourselves on only selling the finest, and highest quality hardwood furniture, food and home decor. Because here, at Amish Market in Fredericksburg, Texas, family isn't is everything!

Virtual 360 Tour


Check out our virtual 3-D Tour and see all we have to offer. It's awesome, we know you will love it and so do we!

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