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  Our finishers use a range of stains and can match any color stain you already have.  We have a variety of samples to look at on different types of wood in either of our Fredericksburg locations.  We can of course put any of these stains on any wood, but just keep in mind that, due to the density and composition of the wood, a stain may look slightly different on varying wood types.  

  We also use a two part catalyzed varnish on all of our furniture.  This is a very tough finish that protects the wood from any household accidents and ensures the longevity of these heirlooms.  More information about this finish can be found here.


This Janka Chart shows the realtive hardness of wood species we use (highlighted) compared to some others.

We also carry a wide range of Fabrics, Micro-FIbers, Leathers, Faux Leathers, and others, all of which can be used on any piece we carry.  To view the full range of these product options, please visit Heartland Fabrics.

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