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What To Expect


  Depending on the piece, how busy the craftsman is, and any customizations you requested, your order will normally take 10-14 weeks to be completed.  


  Once your furniture has arrived and we have thoroughly examined it, we will call you to schedule your delivery or to set a date for pick up.  


  Please read about our Storage and Delivery Services for details about both options.


  Any remaining balance on your order is due and payable upon notification that your furniture is ready to be picked up or delivered. 

Pick Up

  Please notify us 2-3 days prior to your pick up date if you are picking up your furniture so that we can have enough staff here to assist you with loading.  


  To insure secure transportation of your furniture, we strongly suggest that you bring moving or household blankets, storage pads, tie downs, and cardboard to protect your furniture while in transportation.  

  We offer our own moving blankets for $18 each.  This cost will be refunded upon their return in good condition. 

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